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Guys, you take your own chances when you buy online. Buying gear or kit you can't try on before you pay is a little absurd IMHO. Unless you get the admin to verify everyones location by the IP that the register from, there is no way to know for sure. A person can put whatever they want in thier profile. Only solution is to have a representative verify everyones details ... oh wait - we already do that. And what's the next proposal - roving location verification and enforcement teams ?

A person who is verified to see the protected area of the forums has already had thier age checked, along with ID that, reasonably, should show thier address or at least thier general locale. If your problem lay with a verified person - get in touch with the admin to get thier details. If it's another issue, you took your chances buying off the net.

Requiring people to post their age and location wouldn't do much since the person can post what they want - unless you're also proposing real-time monitoring of registrations. It's a round about conundrum.
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