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Talking Bravo To TTAC3

Being new to the world of Airsoft I decided to do something today that I recommend to all people thinking of joining the sport who lives in the Toronto area - attend TTAC3's ATQ1 course!

During the session I had the pleasure of Sierra Zulu's instruction on the Canadian laws relating to Airsoft, firearm safety, and even some basic tips on weapon's shooting. I can't say where the time went but the 2 hour session just flew by and it was all said and done before I knew it. I really enjoyed the coaching and it will enhance my enjoyment of Airsoft. All too often new players tend to focus on buying guns and equipment before taking time to understand what Airsoft means and so I suggest that you invest in the time to get to know what the sport is all about before rushing into the playing.

TTAC3 is an excellent school and facility to promote Airsoft. Membership there is money well spent. No one put me up to this but I felt strongly enough about my experience that I wanted to share it with all potential Airsofters.

Thank you from a grateful student ...
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