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Hey ! Dracheous !!

Yes i know there is a special place in that board to post thing like that and that they will help you but guess what .............. i already post twice at that place since august and nobody is helping so that's why i post in General topic !

For those who say that getting age-verified doesnt change anything , well as you know now there is only 2 store left and one is asking to be age-verified to buy AEG, so yes that change a few things when you are not allowed to buy in 50 % of the store in Canada !

And for those who say " go and play with verifier that will help ! " I play all winter with one !!! so yes i play with registered team etc....... but still not age-verified.

I know the problem is not from verifier across Canada since "paper work" has been done and sent from a long time ago, ( twice ) problem is from those here at Airsoft Canada that run the Forum. ( just what i think ).

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