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I would have to disagree again.

People think the MP7 is a weak performing gun, but most people aren't speaking from an owners point of view.

I own an MP7, and I've upgraded it with the following and have acheived 300FPS with the most INSANE ROF:
- deepfire spring
- deepfire ball bearing spring guide
- nineball bearing bushings
- nineball 6.03 tightbore
- nineball external battery kit
- running 8.4v 1200mah mini nihm

I know it is your own opinion about "not worth the 10-15fps gain, but we are not talking about a full size AEG. And how much is the Spring for the MP7 anyways??

I was retailing them for $18.50. The cost of the spring plus an hour of your time to put it in is not worth an almost 10% gain in performance!?!?!?!?

I really don't know what you expect out of your machine pistol, but that my friend is a great performance boost right there.

I have been skirmishing against players locally that use 400FPS full size AEGs with my little MP7 and I do just as well if not better than them due to my mobility with the thing.

With my rate of fire, I can overwhelm an AEG user easily with the MP7. It's not recommended, but I have used 9.6v batteries on my MP7 and the rate of fire was faster than a gas powered KSC M11.

Save up your cash and fully mod your MP7 and see what you can do with it. It's one of the best field guns i have used....

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I've scratch built M4's before (including an HK416) well as complete metal makeovers of TM GBB's.

Anyways I think you missed the point, the amount of effort/money spent is not worth the 10-15 fps gain.

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