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How long does Age Verification take?

i've emailed/pm'd both representive in the area i live (Vancouver bc), and none of them has given me any responce. I for one really want to get into this hobby and i feel a little frustrated (cosmetic part). I'm just looking for a Styer AUG or a P90 that i want to convert for paintball use. And hopefully purchase some for field play.

I've read all the important FAQ's and tried to remember every point to my best ability and i've even checked every retailer up there for the rifle/weapon i was looking for and couldn't find it. I've checked in the "Gun and Gear Retailer FAQ" and lot of the links in there are either outdated or the site up and left.

I have no clue what else to do. I might be a newbie to this forum, but i'm not a newb that asks and doens't do their homework.
anyways, please and thanks for any info or on anything you guys can tell me to help.

- Ve
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