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Originally Posted by Greylocks View Post
Let's see, it all revolves around not reading the basics first.

Showing up in clothing that screams "I'M HERE!!!"
Shooting everything that moves, friend, foe, leaves...
Yapping so much that even if you miss the funky clothes, you can simply aim at their voice and hit them all (they gather in bunches).
Yapping when 'dead' so much that players still in the field cant hear anything else.
Running screaming across the field saying "You cant hit me!"... two seconds before they swallow a BB.
Shooting your partner, the guy who'se right behind you covering your ass. (I know, said something like that already).
Removing goggles, usually a fraction of a second before you get a burst in the face that was launched your way 2 seconds ago...
Extreme stupidity with loaded guns in the staging area.
Truly stunning mechanical ineptness (watch a newbie open a mechbox for the first time when they claim they know it all. To add insult to injury, watch this happen outdoors at a staging area. Much fun ensues).
Getting lost in a 4 acre woodland, when to the immediate north is a major road, and in any other direction is a swamp. (What do you mean you're going into woodlands and cant tell where North is?)
Showing up to a game with everything imaginable, except a charged battery.

Of course, again, never Ever reading anything.

Oh, by the way... I've personally witnessed all of the above.

Honestly? If it's totally stupid and moronic, it's been done.
Greylocks, Is right.. I honestly believe him when he says he has seen all that. I mean for every rule or law, Theres some idiot that did something in order for it to be made. The one thing in my life that I fear the most, is being the reason a law is made.

As for Noobs not knowing who to shoot. Ive been shot by a new guy because he didnt know what team I was on. And it was CADPAT vs. Everyone else.. and I was in OD.

And as for the running around yelling "you can't hit me!" Ive seen Veterans do that. And its still funny.

You guys complain alot about Noobs, but you gotta remember.. Everyone started out as one.. and they are fun to abuse. Even though we do stupid things from time to time. We don't always know better. Thats why you guys gotta help us out from time to time. Take us under your wing, show us how its done. And then lead them blindly into an ambush.. LOL..

And as for the taking googles off in the field.. thats kinda like this..

Her brain bucket is on wrong... LOL

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