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Review: King Armaments MRE RAS & G&P red dot

Well, as the exterior of my gun nears completion, I thought I'd throw up my review of the few different products I've slapped on my investment.

(I know some of these products have been covered briefly before, but hereís my take. Also, itís my first review, so please forgive any wierdness)

First up the title merchandise:

King Armaments MRE RAS

I bought this kit from damage here on ASC for $220 for the full kit (outer barrel, gas tube, the works), and when I got it I was surprised by the compact box it came in.


Installing the unit was fairly easy and quick, the only bit of stress I had was digging around the tools looking for the right allan key to lock on the flip up front sight. Only took about 10 minutes and fit perfectly to my stock TM body. Oh, I should mention, it's a bit tricky getting it tightened up, you have to try it a couple times to get it as tight a fit as you can (at least I did), everything's got to be lined up just right to have it nice and tight with your flip up site straight up and not to the side.


From the get-go the rail system felt very solid, it did add some weight, but with the recent re-wiring to house the battery in the solid stock, the center of gravity is right around the middle of the magwell. With my vertical grip where it is allows for a fairly even distribution of weight to my arms (donít know yet if this is a good quality, have yet to game with my gun in this stage). The unit has a very nice metal feel to it, and comes with 3 plastic black rail covers. With these covers it is a very comfortable hold with or without the grip.

I love it, itís at least a somewhat unique look on not too high of a budget, or as my girlfriend put it ďlooks big and chunky and dangerousĒ.

Iíd recommend this kit to anyone wanting to go for a full length, free floating rail for their M4, good value.

Next Up:
G&P Red Dot Sight
I got this a few months ago from eHobby Asia on ebay for about $60 including shipping and duty. The build is very good quality, battery life is decent (only had to replace once, cause I accidentally left it on). Itís supposedly water resistant (never tried it) and it has 7 brightness settings, a nice feature. I have it mounted to the carry handle via a bolt-on carry handle rail (I think G&P, not sure) which is also a really nice feature to have.

All in all I like my gun! In the plans for the future is a metal body, and then Iíll start on the internal upgrades next season (probably get a whole new mechbox so I can keep this one stock and untouched incase the other one ever craps out on me)

Till then, this is all for now.
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