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Thought i'd update this review a little bit.
Because of someone messing me over I didn't get a chance to use this much this summer (Was supposed to rethread the silencer for me, still has my frontend after 5 months)
I've resolved the issue by buying a new front end and the new G&G PBS they put out specifically for there AK's.

So far I haven't had a single problem. The gun shoots amazingly well and i've put around 10,000 rounds thru it. Unlike many of the reviews i've seen so far i haven't stripped/broken anything on it.
There still is a bit of a feeding issue, this is due to the large rubber pad that G&G uses in the mag well, and it seems that the mag catch was ground down at the factory a little bit (TM mag catch won't work) so it was necassary to shave down this rubber pad for it to feed better (With star lowcaps)

I'm still very pleased with the weapon and it serves my outdoor needs very well.
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