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Definitely. Actually I had a good, simple way to help build positive recognition come up today while I was at work. We had a spokesperson from the United Way in talking about raising funds, etc. Basically these guys Distribute funds for all local charities, etc. and can even send money to charities in other provinces, etc. Even if that exact organization doesn't exist in other communities, similar ones should be around. The best thing to do would be to raise and donate money for them and then provided enough is raised use that to gain some positive publicity. A couple events like that and then you'd be well off to do something with your local news station. Don't necessarily shoot for something like CBC or such (though it's a good target eventually). Start with local awareness and slowly build up. Basically if we keep all our cards on the table and show the authorities/government we give a damn (and make up a decent chunk of positive votes) then we'll be in good shape. The key to this is that we don't rush.
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