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Alright I have put a lot of thought in to this and I have several new ideas. First and foremost, dose anyone know if it would be possible to get airsoft registered and a legit sport e.g.; soccer, baseball, football. Is there anyway we could form an actual national or provincial organization similar to that of any real sport?

Secondly as scared as everyone is that any action could be bad action and if we do act it could result in an outright ban, personally id rather an outright ban now than doing nothing and having it ban next summer, or 2 years when ever. WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING NOW BEFORE IT IS TO LATE, OTHERWISE WE WONT HAVE A SPORT TO TRY AND SAVE.

Thirdly im inclined to go to the media and see if CTV or CBC would be willing to do a story, im sure most of us seen the news story in Europe. If we can let the general public know that this sport exists and we are responsible blah blah blah, then maybe when it comes time to fight the “man” we will have a leg to stand on.

If other countries can do it so can Canada, maybe our soccer moms push harder then theirs but we can push back even harder…

Everything aside its nice to see some ideas coming in from some of you. Keep thinking guys.
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