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I'm not wholly sure what should be done, but we'd be wise to take moderated steps to sway opinion in the community's favor.

Educating local law enforcemnt (after we've had time to pick apart the chosen presntation to make sure it's impartial and accurate) is a good idea. One thing I'd also suggest is for the local groups to see who would be willing to have a memberlist submitted the the police. The reasoning behind that being that should problems arise they'd be more likely to know if the person in question was just some random shit-disturber or a member of the community. The latter of which I'd also suggest sign a waiver in regards to the group so that the community as a whole doesn't burn for the stupid actions of any one individual.

The other thing I'd recommend is find some ways to get the various local groups doing things for the community. It doesn't need to be big stuff, maybe charity BBQs (next summer obviously), city beautification, etc. Just little things that can send a bid message that we DO give a damn about how we're viewed.

While nothing will change 100% until a final decision comes down from on high as to the exact definition of airsoft and the legal gray area I keep reading it exists in. If we try to do what we can to get our various communities behind us, we'll be FAR better off than if we simply stick in our collective corners.

Not to mention, if in the horrid event the government did seek to ban airsoft entirely then we'd be in a better position to get more signatures for petitions thanks to whatever contacts and impressions we left from other activities in the community.

Take it how you want but just trying to be constructive on things.
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