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Originally Posted by HonestJohn View Post
Morbius' comment is worth reading over: you SHOULD be careful what you post on the internet, or at least be aware you are posting it in a public place.

This shouldn't mean you should feel constrained in what you do, but you should consider the implications of your words when anyone can read them for free. That being said, I have a strong distaste for limiting freedom of expression because someone is worried about what 1% of the population MIGHT think about what you have to say. Post conscientously: talk among friends with your friends; when you're in public, try and act like it.

That being said, I am quite content with that news item. It shows that the 18+ policy kept a neo-nazi asshole from buying guns off these boards. That is an unmitigated success in my opinion.
Agreed. Even though I like to make fun of things, and even go as low as to help noobs with their dumb questions when others just want to flame, I still keep my moderate composure to not even think about suggesting violence or anything else on here that might affect me or any of you. Then again, I'm almost 35 years old, so it's not that difficult. And beer helps a lot too. :cheers:

I AM proud that we do as well as we do around here by keeping the 'feces aggitators' in check, and our exposure so far has been very small and in this case, relatively minute (french word meaning miniature for those west of Ottawa) and showing our organization gets rid of unwanted idtios before they actually make the news and point it right back at the rest of us.
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