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well, as I said in the past, regardless of how many posts a guy has on ASC, even if we have banned him...we all know how the world reacted to
I think a disclaimer, a really, really big one should be on the front page.

As I said in some other thread, we got some pics in our gallery that can easily draw a bad reaction from. Personally, I liked the idea of ASC going +18, especially our gallery. But really, I honestly think a bit of housecleaning should be done. The chairsofting pics and alot of the posing pics should be removed IMHO.

my concern is some of our threads.
Im gonna quick refrence this one
No, just as an example, im gonna use the posts in this thread. posters, dont take any offence.

I vote for a burlap sack beating....
...using rusty crowbars and shovels
rather tame, but really, thats all the media needs to label our entire community a bunch of vigilante potential Kimveer Gills. If you run a search, we got plenty of topics that get incredibly nasty. Alot of the war on terror threads express alot of racism towards muslims, and many thread end up in post after post discussing torture punnishments for criminals.

Joking or not, we REALLY gotta watch our attitudes in our forums.

I said alot of stuff here
but I really think we should start taking steps.

I dont think its the end of the world/airsoft, but I do think its time that we really start to make some changes. Personally, Id make ASC +18, gallery included. Clean the gallery of anything unpleasent.