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Originally Posted by MadMorbius View Post
You're 33 and live in Navan? Did you grow up there? Only asking since I grew up near there and if you've been there awhile there's a good chance we know each other.

Guys, Navan is fine. It's not a soccer-mom community, and nobody bitches about REAL guns walking down the street let alone plastic toys. It's one of those places that somehow stayed sensible when the rest of the world got stupid.
No, I actually was born and Raised in Nova Scotia (Cape Breton to be exact). Came to Ottawa with the Military in 1997 and moved to Navan about 4 years ago and LOVE IT. Not being on-top of your neighbour (unlile Orleans) is AWSOME. Kind of reminds me of my house is the Maritimes. My bud down the street is a COP and we love plinking in the yard, having a beer and smoking a cigar infront of the fire in the evenings.

Where was I ?? .................... Oh yeah .............

I actually found the 100% Silicon Lube OIL from a hobby shop. 2 ounces for $4.25 .... that works for me.

It is the one suggested to me that is used for RC Car Shocks.

I am not looking to get heavy into airsoft (just yet) so I did go ahead and buy the tippmann R650 (yeah I know ...... moans and groans all around .. )

Funny part is, on furture research and a few phone calls I found out this ...

On the bottom of the Mag it says "HFC" and basically the tippmann R650 says Tippmann NOWHERE on it. My Tippmann Springer Shotgun DOES say tippmann on it. The R650 is actually the same full metal gun as the HFC METALHFC M190 Tactical.

Not sure if the HRC is a good gun or not ... but for me I really wanted the FULL METAL. No shipping, no worries of border issues (got it from a local licenced seller) and for a good price (less than many US sites sell it for)

Hey, I payed about $200 for a Beretta replica a few years ago, SO , I hope it last and can shoot FOREVER .... BUT ... even if it doesn't ..... I will be just as happy having a FULL METAL pistal that I can fart around with just inserting and removing the mag and cocking the slide.

"IF" I do get into airsoft, I will not even look at a good pistol for a while, I will go straight for a nice high end AEG.

ANYWAY ............. I appologize for the misunderstanding earlier and will say "THANKS" for the help when it comes to the lube.

So far so good ..... already have about 1500 rounds down range (that is how much my buddy and I like it) have had it appart to inspect the insides (all metal) and springs and general working of the pistol. All is working nice so far with no issues. Did the can test from about 8-10 feet away and 2 out of 5 shots went into the can and the other 3 went throught .... so I don't know for sure what it is but the velocity seams to be nice !!

I will cross my fingers and hope it holds up in function ...... if not ....... just the fact it is a cool pistol to hold and just look at makes me happy.

Thanks and Cheers


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