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Originally Posted by Dirty Deeds View Post
I like it. Easy, simple and clean.

I just hope people will start to delete their sold items.
Well this makes it alot easier. I might also disable the permanent posting, so that ads don't survive past 60 days. You've also for the "SOLD" button which makes it easy to tick off your ad and have it auto-delete.

Originally Posted by thephenom View Post
For auctions, does seller have to honour the final bidding price? (If not reserve is set?)
That would be the point of an auction - if the seller didn't I would expect to get some negative feedback.

I think reserves are silly, and skew the whole auction process. If there's a minimum price you won't sell below, you should set that as your starting bid - doesn't waste anyone's time, including your own.
Reserves just make it a regular ad, with a chance the seller will get more money. No reserve auction means your item gets market rate, which is the point of an auction: you got the most the market was willing to pay at that time, and you have a guaranteed sale.
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