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Beta run of new Classifieds script - feedback please

I've just setup a barebones configuration of the new classifieds script. It has many features that are very nice, but also some that I'm a little tepid about.

I haven't modified the layout in any way for now - if we like it on ASC, then I'll consider putting them time in to re-organize it a bit better.

However, in the meantime I'd like to invite anyone to give it a try, and let me know how they find. Ultimately it would replace using the forums for classified ads.

As I see it...

Clearly organized ads
Image and price integrated into browsing (visible on list view, makes it easy to see what's for sale).
Maintenance tools (set a time limit for your ad, or click "SOLD" and have it auto-expire once the transaction is completed)
Built-in feedback system
Allows discussion like a normal forum posting

Layout is a little yucky (fixable)
No stickied/permanent posts
No way to bump (might be a good thing?)
It's new and everyone hates new things

Give it a try. Serious ads will be kept, joke ads (e.g. "Testicles for sale") are welcome if you want to test the system, but they will be removed, so what we can see what it looks like with some real data.

And let me know what you think.
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