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Originally Posted by Mikey_Gee View Post
For christ sake guys, I came here with a simple question.

May backyard is heavy wooded and my closest neighbour is about 5 clicks away ......... NO THEY CAN NOT SEE ME !!!!

I am not stupid, I spent time in the military, hunted my entire life and have played paintball for over 10 years, I UNDERSTAND how folks react to this sort of stuff. They freak out over water pistols

In PB, we face the same type of clown MAKING A MESS OF IT for everyone. I would not do that !!!!!!!!!


What Gas BlowBacks to you as USERS recommend that will be a good durable gun???

I am asking for help.

DOn't tell me what I am buying is junk and then walk away ..... give me some suggestions on what full metal blowbacks are worth the money and I can get from within Canada.

Brands ???

Best prices from the links on the site ??? (some give better prices when you talk to them)
kjw makes a nice p226 thats full metal. as for the reasons why the one you were looking at is junk, its because it is unlike their paintball gear poorly constructed and made out of shoddy materials. my cousin bought one and played with it for a bit in his basement it promptly broke on him after only a few uses and is now an expensive paper weight.

you have to talk to most of the retailers in canada for a full metal pistol. alot of us with full metal pistols bought them as a plastic pistol at first and then did the upgrade to full metal later. the problem with that aside from being difficult and time consuming to do is that doing an upgrade like that can push the end cost of the pistol well north of $500 depending on the gun and whats done to it.

the vast majority of airsoft pistols are made mainly if not exclusively of plastic. kjw makes full metal ones though, they are not bad but no matter what you are going to be spending more than just $180 for a decent full metal pistol. plastic isnt as bad as it is made out to be, in many cases is can be very durable and just fine. airsofters tend to be a bit obsessive about looks and feel and complain about things made of plastic. for someone who is new i would suggest a gun made by Tokyo marui or one made by KSC. they are fairly common and parts can be found for them if something is to break. yes they will be plastic but they are quite durable and are not much more than what you were thinking of spending anyway. they will serve you well, and should you really hate the feel of it after a while you can always do the upgrade to full metal. i know i did the upgrade to my TM P226 and it was a real learning experience.
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