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Originally Posted by Mikey_Gee View Post
Guys RELAX, shit ... I live in Navan and own a 3 acre lot ... I am FINE in my backyard. Same as I was with my PB field.
Airsoft guns dont fall under the same set of laws. Please dont shoot anywhere else than at approved fields. There are two in Ottawa.

Places to buy? After you get age-verified, the Classified section.
Others? ASC Armoury owns this website, check them out.
Then click on Canadian Retailers.

Dont buy crap, please trust us, most of the long term players here have some amazingly long experience and you really should listen to it.

There is a Very Good reason why we go for the better brands; they work. As you said yourself, you are Very New. Take the time to learn and follow advice. You'll enjoy this game a lot more if you do.

For not much more than $50 more, you can get excellent GBB pistols that wont let you down.
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