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Originally Posted by Mikey_Gee View Post
I am in Ottawa Canada.

I do not see why the stuff I have would not work, I just wanted to get some confirmation.

And just so you know, I have done searches for the stuff I have and many others with many keywords (no need to list them) in search of help.

That is why I came and registered here ....... FOR HELP

I am 33 years old, not 13, please give me a bit more credit.

My main concern is not F'n up my new pistol.

I have just got out of PB where I was very serious and would help out NEWBS as much as I could on the forums. Well, I am in a new forum now and "I" am the newb.

I see you are from Gatineau .... funny .... we are actually very close.

The information I gave you is factual and correct. In a very short time you will see for yourself just how many kids try to join up by lying about their age.
It was not meant to shit on you. Same for your location; the best help is available locally and we cant know unless you tell us.

Trust me, you'll know if I flame you.

Spray based lubricants may contain petroleum distillates, and those are to be avoided.

You can get lithium grease at Canadian Tire, graphite grease is a bit harder to find but excellent for slides and moving parts, silicone oil = any of the better hobby shops in Ottawa. All 3 are safe for any airsoft gun. Silicone oil is necessary for gas guns.
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