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For christ sake guys, I came here with a simple question.

May backyard is heavy wooded and my closest neighbour is about 5 clicks away ......... NO THEY CAN NOT SEE ME !!!!

I am not stupid, I spent time in the military, hunted my entire life and have played paintball for over 10 years, I UNDERSTAND how folks react to this sort of stuff. They freak out over water pistols

In PB, we face the same type of clown MAKING A MESS OF IT for everyone. I would not do that !!!!!!!!!


What Gas BlowBacks to you as USERS recommend that will be a good durable gun???

I am asking for help.

DOn't tell me what I am buying is junk and then walk away ..... give me some suggestions on what full metal blowbacks are worth the money and I can get from within Canada.

Brands ???

Best prices from the links on the site ??? (some give better prices when you talk to them)
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