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$160 Canadian is what I am getting it for, I will be picking it up locally so the boarder stuff is not an issue.

Have you guys shot this actual pistol ??

If not, how do you know it is junk ??

Kind of like if it is not a Harley davidson it is junk, or is it really junk??

Kind of already got my mind made up. It is for plinking around the yard, that is it. Spent 12 years in the military crawling in the bush, not much in the mood to do that anymore.

Just trying to get advice on lube.

If someone thought I was going to have issues with this across the boarder, then why would that not apply to the other airsoft stuff??

Any other places in Canada sell full metal pistols ?? (for normal prices)

I just bought the adaptor and am not happy to hear that what I wanted is junk.

Can you give me some reasons why it is JUNK ??

And not to sound like a dink, but I am reading stuff like "PROBABLY NOT WORTH IT" ..... if you have shot it and KNOW it is, then let me know why, if not ... it is all just speculation and assumptions.

Originally Posted by redhawk_six
Originally Posted by Mikey_Gee
I am picking up the Tippmann R-650

Link Here

Yeah yeah, maybe not the best, but it is a start

Also been suggested the Slick 50 One Lube

Says safe for all plastics, metal and rubber materials
Thats not airsoft. And not worth the money. GBB prices have gone down a fair bit over the last year or so, 250-300 will get you a great pistol. Dont waste your money on tippmann, its cheap and wont last long. Plus, its illegal to import, so hope you're buying from inside canada.

EDIT: Just saw the price on the tippmann, dont do it, not worth it at all. For only a little more you can get something 100x better like TM or KSC.
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