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If you truly believe that in the current socio-political climate it is somehow a good idea to recommend to legislators that they endorse and embrace young people dressing in fatigues, running through the forest shooting each other with mock assault weapons, you are missing a large part of the bigger picture.

The current socio-political climate IS the perfect time to enact change of mind within the Gov't. Laws are not written during quiet times. They are enacted and set to law within times of trouble. You don't start a battle once the war is over.
Your idea of what people think of airsoft is wrong. Sure there are people out there that will hold that view. There always is. but this is why there is a need for people to come forward and prove to legislators that we are a proffessional organization. and not a bunch of "young people dressing in fatigues, running through the forest with mock assault weapons". Show them that we do take it seriously and that we are self regulated and very serious about how we handle ourselves as a whole. Show them that through organization, discipline and ethical professionalism, we are not a threat to any Canadian individual or to anyone for that matter. Sitting on our hands and letting the legislators roll in and enact laws and regulations while we wait forthe right so called time is absurd.

But its just my opinion.

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