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I liked Dog Soldiers too! A couple of others I liked were 'Ravenous', which is set around the Civil War. It's been a while so I can't remember if it was before, during or after. I think it was after, during the Westward expansion.

'Day of the Dead'!!!! A bunch of scientists holed up in an underground government complex researching the zombie plague and what's left of the soldiers "protecting" them start to succumb to the pressure and turn on each other. Classic Romero!

'Red Dawn' It could be classified as a horror movie because it's scary that people were stupid enough to believe that this was a legitimate threat during the Cold War, lol! One thing I never understood was if the Soviets were such a huge menace, how could a bunch of untrained highschool kids from bumpkin-town U.S.A. wage a successfull guerilla campaign against them? Although this movie is good as a classic example of Cold War propaganda, almost as good, as I recall, as 'Ruskies', though it has been a loooong time since I saw that one!
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