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**VERY NEW** To airsoft, help with lube

Ok, I will be picking up my first Green Gas pistol this week and went out to buy some lube.

I picked up some stuff from Solder Seal "GUNK"

It is called "Heavy Duty Silicone Lubricant"

It says it is good for

-striker plates
-drapery rods
-nylon slids
-virtually all moving parts

Right on the front it says

"Waterproofs and Rustproofs - IDEAL FOR METAL, RUBBER and WOOD

Do you think this stuff would be good ???

If not, any recomendations on what I will find at my local Home Depo, Walmart, Canadian Tire

Thanks a bunch

It is in the blue and white can, not the yellow can.

Code on can is M914C

Here is the PDF info sheet


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