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Lawdog, here are some links

Now, I've included a very wide range of examples here - from reports in other countries to examples of airgun related injuries. There are plenty more examples out there unfortunately. The main points to focus on are the number of crimes involving the use of replica firearms. Yes, it is difficult to prove without reasonable doubt that banning replica firearms would have prevented all of those crimes; however, it is equally if not more difficult to prove that all of those crimes would have occured nonetheless, with the use of an alternative (knife of real gun) had replica firearms been banned. From my experience, many of those kids would not have access to real firearms, and thus, the act of commiting a crime with intent of brandishing a real gun would not have occurred.

In relation to Madmorbius' point about focusing on the individual rather than the item, I agree with that statement but perhaps a replica firearm maybe an exception. I'm talking about that special little feeling people get when they pick up an airsoft, especially a full sized AEG - that extra boost of confidence, the feeling of power that entices even shy people to take pictures of themselves in heroic or not so heroic action poses. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that AEG's give everyone an ego boost that turns you instantly into a criminal, but that little confidence boost applied on a more fragile mind in the right circumstance might elevate them to do something stupid.

they do not increase the severity of the outcome of the crime, rather they have the possibility to increase the severity of the response to the crime. So we are going to legislate away a basic liberty to protect criminals from being shot by police or recieving longer sentences?
The unfortunate answer is yes. Not every person that commits a crime deserves to die. "If a kid makes a mistake of waving an airgun in the face of a cop he deserves to be shot". Many people on this site will fully agree with that statement however the majority of society will disagree. There's a reason we don't have capital punishment in Canada. (Don't turn this discussion into pros of capital punishment please!)

Would Chris Penley have used a real firearm if his airsoft was not available? Indetermined. Was Chris Penley killed because he used an airsoft gun in his crime? Yes. That's not a big to deal to many of us, but talk to his family, his friends. I think they'll agree he didn't have to die. How does the police officer who shot him feel? Is this fair to them and other police officers who dread the use of their firearm so we may be allowed to play fantasy more realistically?

Regardless, the underlying point remains that I, as a free and law-abiding citizen, should not have unreasonable restrictions placed on my liberty due to the actions of the unlawful.
This happens everyday. All drugs would be legal if people would not use them to the point of abuse. If you study the origins of cocaine, many early tribes used it responsibly for a number of positive benefits. More recently, I can't have a beer in public because some dumbass got too pissed on the streets and ruined it for the rest of us.

Replicas are harmless. The perception may be that they're dangerous when wielded by a criminal, but a ka-bar or sword can kill someone whereas a plastic toy cannot; it is only dangerous to the yielder who forces a lawful citizen or police officer to use lethal force based on the perception of imminent grievious bodily harm.
Again, potential range of the lethal weapon must be considered. A police officer is not forced to immediately shoot someone yielding a sword. On a sidenote, I am avid sword collector and the banning of swords is a common topic in forums. However, with swords, there are more pro factors than airsoft possess. (cultural ties, direct relation to its art/sport)

Agreed, criminal activity may be situational. However, I carry a knife every day and I've never been tempted to produce it to settle a dispute. Likewise, I'm licensed to carry a concealed firearm while in the United States, and with that responsibility comes a requirement for forethought and increased judgement; I would not carry a weapon if I was inclined to use it offensively because I'm not a criminal.
I highly respect you for that. If only all people shared your level of honor we would not have this problem.

I would counter that easy access to kitchen knives has not resulted in an increase in murders by stabbing.
Hasn't it though? Husband comes home to find wife in bed with another man. In a fit of rage, husband grabs kitchen knife and stabs wife and other man. It sounds very silly but the truth is - remove every tool man can use to kill - man can no longer kill. I don't propose to ban everything including our own hands but function dictates what remains and what does not. Knives will stay for the simple reason that's been brought up many times - they serve a functional purpose. Replica guns? _______________ fill in the blank...

I think the main reason of distaste for the banning of replica guns is that it serves to make a criminal's life safer and hurts us law abiding citizens, however - A person's life will always be worth more than a hobbyist's fantasies, even if it's a criminal's life.

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