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Originally Posted by Blazen
Providing easy access to replica firearms does create crime as well as unnecessarily raising the severity of the crime.
I love theory. Yours is flawed, but's lets step beyond that. However do keep in mind a replica firearm is not lethal, it just looks that way.

Provide us with any evidence that the statement quoted above is true.

Then tell me the ture cost of regulating the issue v. the true cost of leaving it as it is now.

Then replace the words "replica firearms" in your statement with alcohol and see if it reads the same.

There is no evidence that "replica firearms" create crime. Secondly, unlike having a knife, they do not increase the severity of the outcome of the crime, rather they have the possibility to increase the severity of the response to the crime. So we are going to legislate away a basic liberty to protect criminals from being shot by police or recieving longer sentences?


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