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Originally Posted by Kuraitenshi
Originally Posted by Lawdog
Damn fine post Mad. There is no rational justification for banning airsoft guns.

Rationality dosen't matter. Criminals using wepons scare the people who abaide by the laws. The poeple who abide by the laws, vote for the most part. In order to get elected politicians need people to vote for them. Inorder to get votes, politicians put together useless and unenforceable laws that sound good on paper but have no other redeaming qualities. Voters hear the ideas and vote for the ideas they like. Therefore bans on things like replica wepons come into effect. and the voting masses are palcated until alternate wepons become popular to commit crimes with and new hot air spews from a politicians ass. but it makes the masses happy.
I have to disagree with you Kur. Political action is dreiven by a number of factors, one of which is public pressure, one of which is rational evaluation and another (amongst many more) is the potential that the law will be struck down as unconstitutional or just generate a bunch of really expensive lawsuits (ie the autistic children cases in Ont).

When one advocates, you emphasize your strengths and minimize your weakness (part. in lobbying). The strengths of the airsoft position are firstly the lack of a rational connection between the prohibition and the good it is supposed to engender, and secondly the possibility of it not passing constitutional muster, or generating a bunch of annoying lawsuits. The weakness is on the popularity side, where there are not enough pro-airsoft people to make a difference at the federal level (I'll leave the other levels for another discussion).

Having lobbied on many occasions I might suggest that rationality plays more of a role in government policy making that those outside the process might suspect.

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