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Lobbying MP's is only useful where:

1) you want a bill
2) you want to stop/modify the bill

Which is not the place that we are in now.

Having said that I think there might be value in drafting written materials that we can use when dealing with municipalities that are passing bylaws against airsoft (ultra vires anyone?) and to use as "leave behinds" with LE or MPs or MPPs when the time comes. It takes a long time to do this well and having strong materials in the "can" for when there is a legislative problem we need to address. We can also put together talking points and "scripts" for people who are dealing with politicians or LE so a really good impression can be made.

Currently there is no regulating body or special interest group for air soft so there is no one to do this work, or make sure it is done well. Doing it ad hoc, would be idiocy.

Which brings us to a larger problem.

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