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Originally Posted by Kurgan
Perhaps we could start lobbying our MP's (members of parliment) to help alleviate the pressure from customs? The idea is to show people how much safer airsoft is compared to other sports such as paintball and the other forms of BB and pellet guns that are openly sold and condoned.
If you truly believe that in the current socio-political climate it is somehow a good idea to recommend to legislators that they endorse and embrace young people dressing in fatigues, running through the forest shooting each other with mock assault weapons, you are missing a large part of the bigger picture. Paintball is accepted because the public image is of bright neon pink outfits and "markers" that look like plumber's nightmares, not pseudo-militia types playing pretend army with replica machine guns ("extreme camping" was a term once used) and posing with said guns pointed to the camera. Both activities of which have received some pretty negative media coverage lately and opinions are likely to be far more polarized against our activities as a result. Facts matter little when someone's mind has been made up.

This is a good idea when the time is right. Now is NOT the time.
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