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Will Wong

Hi there,

I posted in an earlier thread already regarding an issue I have.

Basically I took my guns into repair at his shop a few days before the raid at spec arms and on the other thread I asked for help in locating him so I can contact him.

Had no luck so far.

Currently over $1500 worth of guns and accessories I left at his shop.

Now He has moved out of the shop and is trying to move his merchandise out privately at firesale prices.

My concern is that afterwards he will disappear for good and I will no longer be able to contact him to know why is being done about my guns.

Whether or not I see my guns ever again is another issue but the fact that he has made no attempts what so ever to contact me is my main grievance.

So once again I ask for help form this community in helping to either contact him directly or pass the message down to him to contact me.

Someone must have come in contact with him recently and know where I can reach him.

I'd like to thank everyone in advance for help.

PM me or post with any information at all is very welcomed.
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