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your mortar Idea is all fine and dandy, Greylocks, but where's the fun in that? It's essentially a big shot shell. It's more realistic and interesting to have a single shot round that has a "splash damage" effect on impact. Besides, half this project is simply experimenting to see what we can do in direct and indirect fire models. Indirect fire is harder to do, sure, but would lead to some interesting matches if you could have fixed position arty...

Even if we don't get it working as an arty piece it will certainly make a unique big gun, especially with Grave's new shell idea. It might make a good vehicle mounted weapon (again, see my Airsoft Tank thread). If not it certainly could spice things up in a match.

Before you say it: IF we get it to work, and IF it is safe. Can we please get back on topic about how we might be able to do that? I'd appreciate the feedback.

P.S. thanks Grey for the mortar design, I think I'll build one just for kicks... it certainly would make a good close indirect fire support weapon.
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