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Originally Posted by made Man
If you haven't realized we got rid of the pointy self proppeled round idea... and the safty reasons talraii was reffering to would be the fact that its a plastic pipe with lots of wood holding it in place... now fire is a bad thing to add into this equation.......
Truely clueless. I was firing those things holding it in my hands, repeatedly. Even had a small "accident" when i thought it would be good idea to charge it with 2 seconds of hair spray, and look through the end cap hole while pressing the trigger. I'll buy a bag of BBs and will experiment with a BB loaded sabbot, probably this friday.
If someone hasnt done it, maybe it was because someone didnt think of it yet?
Alright, it is at this point I'd like to request you keep the thread on topic and clean. I don't think you have the right to call my friend "clueless" for disagreeing with you. Post your idea on the other Airsoft Arty thread. You don't like our idea, post some constructive critism about why you don't think the design will work, or keep quiet. Do NOT post a completly different idea and tear ours down just on the principal that you like yours better. If you like your "potato gun" so much then post it in a new thread and see what kind of reply you get.

Feel free to point out design flaws in our design, but do so constructivly instead of stooping to insults and questioning our inteligence for not wanting to play wth explosive propellant.
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