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Originally Posted by Blastyman
Originally Posted by made Man
Originally Posted by sirex

Thats exactly what these parents need to do. Start parenting. When I was 13 I was playing tag and hide n seek in a park. Or basketball, dodgeball, or on the NES. Not with toy guns in a public space. God damn.
When i was 13 we were going to the river bank or a clearing in a forest to drink beer/cuddle with the girls. I stopped playing with CYMA clones (yes... cyma clones) when i was 10. Used to have huge ass wars with 20-30 kids on public streets :innocent: No one gave a shit.

But, i guess different time, different country.
When I was 13 we were shooting each other with real pellet guns and bottle rockets.


I have some painful memories of my childhood.


Airsoft is so much gentlier. Thank god there wasn't too many semi auto pellet guns and no full auto. I am sure one of us would of lost an eye.
My favorite, but when we got older, We moved on to Bear Bangers (aka. Bear scares. I still say they are a good alternative to flash bang gernades.)
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