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Originally Posted by NewType ZERO
you guys are so damn funny.. I thought I was a Sci-Fi geek.. but now Im thinking I may not be so bad compared to some of you guys. As for the kids.. if you had confronted them, they would have been little shits and probably shot at you as you walked away.. or even while you were talking to them. And calling the cops is what people would do even if they saw any of us playing.. so Im not so sure about that.. Id personally have grabbed one by the front of his shit and demanded to know where he lived and where his parents where. And then you go talk to them. And talk to them about calling the cops.. that should put an end to it all. You gotta scare the kids.. and then their parents.

Sn if none of that makes any difference.. go get you AEG.. hide in a bush.. (So you dont get in trouble.).. and start picking them off with head shots or something.. Have fun.. and if they complain or something.. say you were just part of their game. or dont get caught.
You know you're a sci fi geek when you say FRACK! instead of f*ck.

and im sure only a few elite sci fi geeks know what Im refering too

Season 3 starts this friday!!!!!!!!!!
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