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I stumbled across ''soft-air players'' today...

I was ratter pissed off, to say the least...

I was walking with my girlfriend in a little forest we have here in sherbrooke (with tracks that are maintained by city workers and everything, and well inside city limits) when I saw two kids (age 13 maybe) cross the track about 15 feet in front of us with ski goggles and cheap transparent soft-air guns.

I scan the area quickly and I see 3 or 4 more kids playing in the woods, about 10 feet from the track to the left (one of the most used ones, that is...), so I told my girlfriend to keep her head to the right and we walked by quickly to reduce the chance of being hit by a stray BB.

I did not feel like confronting them, because I felt it would do nothing to help (judging from their attitude).

Should I report them to the police or something?
What would you have done? (Keep in mind that it is many people who walk there, you can easily encounter 10 to 15 people in a 20 minutes walk in there)
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