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That was a bit of a bizarre topic twist...


To answer your question about the bike valve:

Get ahold of a schrader valve with threading on the body of the valve (on the outside), and then drill and tap a hole in the pipe you want to put the valve into.

If you're putting it into PVC or something you can probably get away with drilling the hole slightly undersize and using PVC solvent on the valve to sort of self-thread the hole with the valve itself.

That's how I put the schrader valve into my compressed air potato launcher.

You can probably get the schrader valve at a hardware store like CT, or possibly at an auto-shop. They're available here through Princess Auto in the useful "threaded body" format. CT has rubber coated valves that I can't see an easy way to install.

Alternatively, go to a bike shop and ask them if they've got any old tire tubes that you can have. The local shop here even cuts the valves out for me, and the best part is they're free. Occasionally they're not useful because the bodies aren't threaded underneath all the rubber coating, but I've lucked out more than once.
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