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Originally Posted by Talraga
Originally Posted by made Man
Geezuz Xrist people!
Just use fucking potato gun and some BBs wrapped in paper as the projectile
I can launch a 2" diameter potato about 100 meters at 45 degree angle. At 90 degree angle it goes high enough so i cant see it anymore. Stuff it with a couple handfulls of BBs in a sabbot and there you go. Simple and easy.
Oh, almost forgot, use hair spray for the propelant and BBQ igniter (spark) for the igniter. End can unsweres and recharges with hair spray. Dont try to over think things
Where's the fun in that?

Also, I'm sure your not the only person to think of that, and that the Idea has been dismissed for saftey reasons.
Urgh.... what safety reasons? Use it as a mortar firing a paper/plastic bag of BBs in a sabbot. It hits the trees and explodes in a huge ass shower of BBs. I'd rather be hit by that then a "self propeled" pointy round. And fun? it makes a loud fucking boom :cheers: . Had it echo for at least 3 blocks in the city.
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