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Originally Posted by Kuraitenshi
I like the shell idea, but what about the portability? With shells you'll have to lug the spent shells or risk losing them. vs the self propelled round which only has to be found. have you come up with easily replaceable ordinance?
Well with the shell idea we had the idea of using it as a vehicle mounted weapon (see my Airsoft Tank thread), so it would be easy to keep track of spent shells... we're still thinking of ways to make a disposable "explosive" projectile. One Idea I had for either kind of round is using peanut packaging taped together and some sort of system the would spread it out on impact or in the air above the target... though I have no clue what kind of device I could use to safely detonate it on impact. A solid disposable projectile would be easy to make... just use something like Peanut packaging taped together or some other cheap, soft, and easy to find material with a sabot to launch it out of the barrel.

Another idea is to do something like a cap bomb in a Nerf ball so when it hits it makes that distinctive "Crack" of a cap exploding... that would leave it up to the players to determine weather or not they were "hit" but since we play by the honor rules already that may not be a problem.

In the end though that's the most difficult part: Making safe, disposable simulated explosive rounds. I'm open to more suggestions. Right now we're just figuring out new and interesting ways to send things flying downrange.
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