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This is a follow up of Gish’s excellent review on the G&G AK-104.
Here is my AK-104 story –
After spending a lot of money to upgrade the internal of this gun and finally I had a chance to go to a game with it early in July. On second thought I think I have tries too hard to make this a ‘super’ AK. The internal upgrades included the following parts:
• Mauri EG1000 motor
• Systema tight bore inner barrel, cut to fit the length of the outer barrel.
• Guarder tappet plate
• Guarder metal brushing
• Guarder transparent hope up buckling- more to say about this later.
• Win Well piston
• Guarder metal piston head
• Retained the stock gun spring

On my first game at the Flag Raider with this gun it performed flawlessly at the beginning…got six confirmed kills before lunch time. Than the gun had a serious BB jam and was unable to fix it on the field. Altogether I fired over 1100rd of BB when it happened. I went to see my local gun doctor to have a look at this gun and discovered the followings: a crack on the hope up buckling ( I should have leave the stock gun hope up alone to begin with), one tooth on the spur gear striped, one third of the piston striped. Sounds like a hopeless situation at that time…but the gun doctor was able to get it back to shoot and replaced the striped gear with my old TM AK-47 gears. Piston and piston head was replaced with stock Mauri parts. Also added on a Prometheus SP110 spring.
After further testing of this gun I decided replaced the spring with an Airsoft Surgeon stage two spring and a Systema red piston. Other issues such as feeding problems of the stock gun mag were ‘fixed’ by using the TM AK high cap mag instead as the fit is much better than the G&G mag. Also no one mentioned that this gun did not come with a gun fuse, the stock gun trigger spring a bit lose and I will replace it with an after market one soon.
Back to another game at Wasaga beach two week ago…this gun turned out the be a very solid gun on the field and the handling is better than my TM AK-47 I must say. The GE1000 motor performs better than the stock gun motor. I fired over 2500rds of BB on that day with no issue at all. I venture to say I can match my AK-104 with any upgraded gun on the field with no reservations. I look forward to have this gun to be my primary weapon for many games to come.
People had paid a lot of attention on the ISC AK, so is about time I give my G&G AK some ‘publicity”.
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