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If the goverment has a such a problem, then set a system where to buy you must show your drivers ID and your Drivers # through a system. Or even set up a whole new License system for people. It would lower who is able to get them because a back ground check would be ran before you could even buy them. Have the dealers be on a list for custom's to check the packages that way they can determine if the person is a Licsensed dealer by the goverment. That way only certain people can order them in, and only certain sites could sell. (Not counting buying used guns from others, that would be a issue on its own). That way when you go to buy a gun, they check both the drivers and Airsoft license, run it through a system to see if your able to buy, then sell you. The canadian sites could even put it on their sites so you must enter the # off the license and get a check before your order is shipped out to make sure your legit. Its not a complicated thing really
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