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KISS principle here folks. Keep the mudroom concept simple and it will work. Muddy it up with complexities and it will be impossible to manage. Morb's identified the key technological parts of vBulletin which can make this work. Spleen looks like he's good the logistics of it nailed down. Just have to see what Hojo is willing to do, as its ultimately his decision. He understands the history of ASC from the inside out, so he's likely to know what will work from a broader perspective.

But its good to see so many people genuinely interested in making things better with positive contributions. The community needs the good karma right now to get things turned around and get new players properly oriented and integrated so we can all benefit from a healthy population of regular players. There is nothing worse than showing up to a game where 50 people posted and 8 people show up. I think something like this will help fix that by reinvigorating the community with fresh faces who are enthusiastic to play the game.
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