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*looks to this thread like a small glimmer of light through the clouds on a rainy day*

After readin' through this thread I am thrilled at the prospect that steps are bein' taken to address this issue an' make the ASC a little more friendly an' alot more informative, for first time posters an' veteran members (An' guys like myself who only really visit one section an' post here an' there).

I'm not sure how well the graduated program would work, but the demotion theory has it's merits. I would imagine that the new poster would realize his mistakes an' after bein' demoted to the Mudroom (an' quickly realizin' there are only threads like his, the FAQ an' a comprehensive "dos an' donts" thread to read) will quicly realize his mistake. I agree that more work would have to be done to bring a new poster up to speed an' then re-promote him as time passes but the benifits are endless!

Kudos to you all, an' I look forward to hearin' more.
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