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Originally Posted by Frozencricket
Um... I know I'm basically a n00b, but if you need someone to review the FAQs, I'd like to volunteer. I'm a professional editor and my workplace aims for a grade 5-comprehension level.
This won't work. If I'm going to be moderating the mudroom, I have to be able to read the FAQs. But I digress...

Many good ideas here, but I think we need to focus on the mudroom idea. Too many people are suggesting graduated user levels, etc. which have all been discussed too many times before. It's not that these ideas don't have their merits, it's just that we could spend our whole lives discussing (and much of it rehashing of old suggestions) which is the best way, and never actually implement anything. This mudroom idea has gotten further than any other idea in the last few years, and I think it's worth focussing on giving it a good try.

As I understand it the reason that the forums are in the order they are in, is that the Administration wants first and foremost to service well it's existing users. They don't ever want to make the forum less efficient/slower/more annoying for the users who are actually using it the way it should be. This is why the seperate mudroom idea has caught on. It doesn't affect the ASC experience for everyone who's already a member and using the board, it just gives us an entirely seperate part of the board to restrict the new users postings to.
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Oh wow, im speechless. Crowbars and shovels... back to lurking then.
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