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Question: Want to get into Airsoft but not really...

Well here is my noob question, which may or maynot turn into trash really quickly.

I want to get an airsoft gun, but I am not really into playing the airsoft sport(no time really). I guess I want these the same reason why people would buy models. They make for interesting display piece in a wierd sort of way. For my need the thing doesn't really need to shoot anything as long as it looks half decent, and airsoft is probably the closest in appearance to the real thing. I did a bit of surfing the net and found that prices for the AEG rifles and SMGs are quite expensive, and the springer are cheaper, and for my purpose their lack of real "firepower" is not my concern. But knowing the trouble of US goods into Canada this limits my option. And most Canadian retailer such as ASC does not carry those springer SMG/rifles. While owning an Tokyo Marui SIG 552 or something is an mouth watering aspect, for my purpose they not only break the bank they are a waste for my need. So am I SOL or what?(maybe something along the line of a BOY series TM that I read about?)

An aside question, back maybe 10-12 years ago I used to own a 44 magnum gas powered Airsoft gun(when I was in Taiwan), these days I haven't seen much gas powered revolvers anymore. Any particular reason for that?
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