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I just wanted to add another new person's perspective as I joined this site about a month ago, and my first impressions are still a little fresh. Starting from the very beginning: When you sign up a couple confirmation emails are sent. These seemed to be a very generic greeting, and I wonder if this message can be changed to include something a little more specific to this board.. such as the rules, telling people to read the FAQ etc.

Also, the order of this forum from the main page seems a little mixed up to me. The first category is the Armoury, and then it is followed by the General section, including the PropsCanada nightmare (which was fun reading BTW) and other sections.

I think if this place was set up in a different way, it would cut down on at least some of the pointless new threads that are started by new people that just don't know any better. Here is one example of a message board that I found that has things a little more organized:

I am not suggesting that the whole format be copied of course, but I liked the general idea: At the top of that forum it starts with announcements.. "Please Read First", followed by the FAQ and then the topics. If you click on the first topic called "Research Reports, Term Papers" they have a sticky on how to ask questions and what not to do. From just taking a quick look, I liked a lot of their ideas.

Anyways, I just wanted to throw in my 02 cents. So far I have seen a lot of good suggestions, and maybe if a combination of them were put into place there would be less problems.
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