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The Quest for an Airsoft Field

First off, hiya folks. New to the forums here, but I've been playing Arisoft for about a year or so now.

Anyways onto my post! Out in the sudbury area we've been working at getting a field going for us to play on. We've scouted a location and we've spoken with the land owners, who in this case happen to be the city conservation authority.

Now, they're generally cool with us using the site, (last year they said "go ahead and play there unofficially) but we want to get this all nice and legit so as to avoid problems. When I looked into this I was informed we'd need a $2,000,000 deductable public liability insurance policy. I've heard varying prices and (until an unfortunate format caused me to lose the contact info, doh!) we'd been about ready to contact an insurance company that generally does stuff for paintball fields...out of BC.

So the question I'm asking the community is who here has done the setup for a fully authorized field, if anyone? What did they do for insurance, did they need insurance? If so who'd they get it from, etc.

Right this second I'm admittedly hesitant given all the "fun" that's going on (please, no jokes about The Sky is Falling). At this point with the summer season over and no games to show for it thanks to all this running around with little gain, I'd really like to get things organized so we can decide on what to do and then simply fire off the paperwork come spring so when the season starts up we can just go out there and play with no worries about the legality of where we're playing. I mean the whole underground thing is cute and all, but I'd much rather have our butts covered and make recruiting that much easier. So yeah any help that can be offered would be greatly appreciated @_@
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