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Originally Posted by Tertion
Last year, I have seen a forum about a free online mutliplayer game, based a lot on a good understanding of the gaming world was required to play properly...

Before being able to post, you where obligated to respond to a (very tought, according to myself) quizz a have a 18/20 mark. And all the responses could only be found in the FAQ section and politic info threads...

I think this system is good because it does'nt "stop" neebs because you still can read info on the subject and learn even if you have'nt passed the test....and you cannot post things until you pass it.

I don't konw if it's possible to do with Vbulletin.....
thats not a bad idea...

Really, this whole discussion has hit on some great ideas, and I say go for it. With the increasing number of minors joining ASC, something has to be done. Not saying that all are bad, but we all know from experience, that there are many people who should never be allowed access to this site.
I also think its a little something that we should do to help screen out problem people. As drastic as these steps are, we know from our "closing the gallery" thread that taking steps like this may be a politically responsible thing to do.

I dont think this will scare off future players....those who are serious about this will no doubt understand that its a problem and this could be a solution.
So long as the mud room has age verifer info. There are many people who just dont care to post on ASC, and just come here to get verified.

Id be more then happy to help out in any way that i could with this idea if it goes through.
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