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Originally Posted by Scarecrow
Originally Posted by Gryphon
I like this concept. I'd proposed this to Miles some time ago but was told this had been tried once before with less than satisfying results. If that's the case, what will be different this time around?
Perhaps it didn't quite come across in translation... notice I had to reapproach the concept a couple times to get it across...
My confusion just stems from the fact I never saw the previous attempt nor am I familiar with the problems it suffered. Just heard it didn't work out.

A thought about FAQs. The problem with getting people to read them is that most are not easy to navigate, nor are they fun to read. Since the majority of noobs we deal with here are the teen and pre-teen crowd of Generation Why, they're used to having everything spoon-fed to them. Learning is meant to involve video games and television, not actually reading something. I mean, reading would just be, like, totally 2005 dude. Anything stickied in the mudroom ought to be written to appeal to the lowest common denominator if there's to be an expectation of success with it.

How about a short video of Dos and Don'ts with a healthy dash of cinematic license? That would probably be a better way to introduce people to the basics because it involves less effort on their part, and they're more apt to watch a video if they expect to be amused or entertained. With the people I know and the stuff I can get my hands on (or anyone else similarly equipped and willing to take on such a project), that could easily be arranged.
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