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Actually you're not allowed to export firearm parts from the US regardless of pricing unless you have an export liscense which is a bitch. That's why most people don't ship out of the States. However that's an issue from the US part.

This is what the Canadian side says:

Importing Firearm Parts and Ammunition
You cannot import prohibited ammunition or firearm parts that are classified as prohibited devices, including handgun barrels that are 105 mm or less in length or parts made exclusively for a fully automatic firearm.

You do not need a valid firearms licence under Canadian law to import non-prohibited firearm parts (except for a frame/receiver). However, as indicated below, you may need an export permit from the other country.

Exerpted from:

19. For all imports of firearm parts, the type of firearm that the parts are being imported for must be named on the invoice or the accounting document.

20. The frame and receiver of a firearm are considered firearms in their own right. As a result, the same permit requirements apply to importing a frame or receiver as they apply to importing firearms.

21. All components or parts designed exclusively for use in the manufacture of or assembly into an automatic firearm are considered to be prohibited goods for the purpose of tariff item 9898.00.00. The components and parts may be imported, but only under certain conditions (e.g., with a prohibited weapons licence).

22. Customs officers must first ensure that the components or parts in question are designed exclusively for use in the manufacture of, or assembly into, an automatic firearm. In some instances, the parts may be used on a firearm other than an automatic firearm, and may be released if all other requirements are met. Customs officers should make use of all available expertise to make this decision. The Regional Firearms Liaison Officer may be able to advise whether the person or business is entitled to import such items.

23. If the components or parts were declared, but still fall within tariff item 9898.00.00 because the correct authorizations, licences, or permits are not available, then the parts are prohibited from entering Canada.
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