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Originally Posted by Scarecrow
I probably wasn't very clear in presenting my original idea, but I would still leave it open and DEMOTE a new user to the mud room should they appear 'not to get it'.
One issue here... I believe granting moderator access to allow them to move users to a specific group (demoting someone to the Mudroom group) requires granting administrative priviledges for "adminster users and groups" which is global, meaning you can't allow an administrator to administrator only CERTAIN groups...In other words, if you grant a moderator access to move a user to mudroom group that moderator would also have access to move themselves or others to the admin group, or any other private groups. I'm quite sure I saw a hack to modify this default behaviour, though.

EDIT - And if I didn't see the hack, it would be pretty easy to code in an "if" statement to check the group membership (mudroom moderator) and allow only access to administer the "mudroom group"
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what if it model after his?
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